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Using IT to define and drive a programme of change


Change: your most vital project

In business, nothing stays the same. The message to management is stark: embrace change or reap the consequences of leaving it too late:

  • High running costs
  • Low profitability
  • Poor customer service
  • Low staff morale
  • High staff turnover
  • Compliance issues
  • No funds for future development

Once the need is recognised, a strategy can be put in place to define the problems as a project which is resourced and managed to minimise their impact on the business, and ultimately to resolve them.

WCCL specialise in project management using IT to tackle the issues identified, and implement and support a programme of change. Our approach is diagnostic, starting with the information the business needs and how it uses it to achieve its goals. Sometimes, the changes needed will be minor but in other cases, where the warning signs have been ignored, radical re-engineering may be required to restore direction and momentum.

Why Choose WCCL?

The two best reasons in business:


Dr Ian Williams, our MD, brings 35 years of wide-ranging, cutting-edge experience to every project. His talent is recognised by chartered membership of the British Computer Society; his expertise comes from working across the spectrum of industry and in both the public and private sectors.


"Guaranteed" is not a word consultants use - but we do. We employ a modular approach, based on scientific method (SSADM) and certified by the British Computer Society: quite simply, it works. It provides:


Well laid-out modular reporting which tells you, the client, exactly what you want to know in English, not jargon.


You have all the information you need at every stage to make informed decisions, to define scope and constraints and control costs.


You benefit from our independent status because we recommend software on objective merit, not out of commercial interest.


We always weigh the risk to the business of a project failing - but at the same time we consider the countervailing benefits.


WCCL have been designing, managing and supporting key projects for companies since 1988. Usually, we take them from feasibility through implementation, but we can pick up on projects already started or provide a bespoke software service where there is no "off the shelf" solution.

Identification, solution, implementation

The best time to consult WCCL is the first time you identify a business or operational problem and realise you do not have the time or the people to investigate it. Or when you realise you will have to turn your back on new business for the same reason.

However, there are other pressure-points in the problem-solution axis where we can help:

  • Where the cause of a problem is clear but the best solution is not.
  • If specifications have still to be made, or the criteria for solutions determined.
  • Where a solution has been identified and bought, but there is no time or resource to implement it, with the necessary training and provision for data migration and disaster recovery.
  • When a solution has been implemented but is not delivering on its promised benefits or savings - or is failing to address the designated problems.

The best way to view WCCL is a proactive business development consultant who looks beyond the conventional IT remit. We have the expertise in project management and software development but we also have the experience of working scalably and widely, in government and sport as well as industry and commerce.

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