Database Applications

Bespoke databases designed to work and grow with you


Why you need a Database

A database is the best way to organise information so that it is easy to access and update. WCCL design them so that:

  • There is minimal risk of error.
  • Large amounts of information can be processed automatically.
  • Decision-making is made easy.
  • Data on key business issues like performance, markets and products can be collated and analysed quickly.

Present and Future

You may already use a database for some of your needs SageTM for accounts, perhaps but what about the rest of your operation?

  • If your needs are growing, can your systems cope?
  • Are you reorganising your business, requiring information to be delivered in different formats, at different times and via different media?
  • Have you acquired or merged with another business and discovered that the systems and software are incompatible?
  • Do you need more capacity and functionality in your systems as you diversify?
  • Do you still do everything on spreadsheets, and copy data from one to another?
  • Could answers to questions be found if only you had the ability to analyse all the data available?

These are the kind of questions our clients have to ask themselves and ask us to answer.

Eradicating waste and error

As well as strategic questions, our analysis pinpoints systemic problems.

For example, if you hold the same information on paper, spreadsheet and database, do you need to enter new details in all three places? Can you be sure no errors or omissions have crept in as a result? Worse still, is the data, drawn from such different and disparate sources, incompatible?

As your business grows and changes, so must your capacity to process and reconcile information accurately, hitting the necessary targets and deadlines.

Bespoke solutions from a thorough approach

We drill down till we find out exactly what a business needs to know and what it must do to satisfy customers, clients and suppliers together with statutory bodies like the Taxman, local authorities and regulators.

Not only will the database we tailor for you deliver what is needed, when and where; it will lead to an easier, simpler and more effective way of working, with information being processed more quickly and produced more flexibly.

Resolving wider business issues

Under MD Dr Ian Williamsí direction, WCCL have become specialists in the design of databases and software running under IBMís DB2 Information Management Software UniVerse® and other PICK multivalue databases.

Though we address specific requirements, our work has the effect of resolving wider business issues such as:

High running costs
Skills shortages
Poor service to customers and clients
Low staff morale and/or high staff turnover
New compliance requirements
Inadequate resources for future planning

Diverse applications show benefit to clients

  • Order processing (including exports)
  • Order prioritisation
  • Multi-currency pricing
  • Inventory management
  • Stock allocation
  • Purchasing and supply-chain
  • Logistics and distribution centres
  • Manufacturing (MRP/MRPII)
  • Bills of Materials sub systems and configuration control
  • Picking, packing and consolidation
  • Invoicing (includes export invoicing and documentation)
  • Equipment hire, lease and billing
  • Equipment maintenance and spares management
  • Membership and examination systems
  • Course booking systems
  • Data warehouse for sales and operational statistics
  • System interfaces for example, invoices to ledgers
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